alu telescopic flagpole

Product Description for our aluminum telescopic masts ancestors:

For Conventional flags a flag linen roll is mounted on the top of the Fahnenmastens to give easy run to the flag line.

The boom allows the whole flag (banner) even without wind to zeigen.Der boom can be adjusted to three different lengths and is ideal for indoor use eg in car dealerships.

Easy to assemble:

1 On asphalt (concrete) park the front wheel on the Flaggenfuß
2 On the lawn or other soft subsoil: Park on the Flaggenfuß or use a spike when the pad is soft.

Then slide the mast into the desired position and then mount your flag.

Of course they can with screw these masts also be attached to balconies or screening elements. However, this equipment we have not in our shop.
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